Baking frenzy

I don’t have that much inspiration or energy to write anything right now, but I’ve been baking a lot lately and I want to post some pictures.

vegan cream cake

For my fiancé’s birthday party yesterday I made my first ever cream cake. It turned out great, and I was quite surprised how easy it turned out to be to make it.


fastlagsbulle, laskiaispulla

Earlier this month we celebrated fastlagstidsdag/laskiaistiistai here in Finland, and this is the typical kind of sweet bun that we eat then, called fastlagsbulle or laskiaispulla. I hadn’t eaten these for a few years, since the ready-made ones you can buy in the store always have dairy cream on them and I’ve just been too busy, or too lazy, to make my own.


potato bread

Some time ago it also came into my mind to bake my own bread, and I’ve done that a few times now. I just love eating bread when it comes straight out of the oven. This one is called something like “Hungarian bread” (even though I have no idea if it actually is anything typically Hungarian about it), it has potatoes in it together with the flour, and it is really tasty when it is fresh.

If anyone is interested in the recipes, just tell me and I will post them.


Veganism is not a diet

Many people believe that veganism is merely a diet, something you do because it’s good for your health, or because you want to lose weight. But it is far from just a diet, it is about so much more than what you choose to put on your plate every day.

Today I stumbled upon the blog Rakkaudesta eläimiin ja luontoon (In Finnish) through a Facebook-page that I follow. Netta, who is behind the blog, phrased what veganism is about in a very nice way, which I want to share with you. Since the original text is in Finnish, this is my own translation:

“Ethical veganism is not a diet. It is not a religion, which you can believe to be the one and only truth. It is not only a sign of love for the animals. It is not a pursuit for health. It is not oppression of agriculture. So what is it then? Ethical veganism is a whole set of values. It is a lifestyle. It is an indication of that you don’t want to be a part of the speciesism of today. It is thinking of the future. It is respecting nature. And above all, it is empathy, love an equality.”