One person’s trash…

…another person’s treasures.


You’d be amazed by what kind of things people throw away in this country. Perfectly usable things, often without a single scratch or easily repaired. The things in the picture above are some of what we have found standing in the recycling-area in our block lately. We found two identical small shelves that needed some re-painting, but now serve as our night-tables. The cute heart-shaped bowls are perfectly fine, and the glass one just has some minor scratches. Except the things in the picture we have found small storage boxes, a bag, a big vase etc. Not to mention all the things we’ve seen but not taken, since we just don’t have space, or use, for them.

All of this just lying around in the recycle area, considered trash by someone else. I love finding these things – even though I don’t dig around in containers looking for them – but I also feel sad about how much useful stuff people throw away. Stuff that someone else could use and love, so why not give it away? To a friend, a family member, or if you don’t know anyone who wants it, to a second-hand store. Here in Helsinki there are many second-hand stores that accept donations, bigger things like furniture they will even come and get from your home for free, and sometimes they fix things that are not in tip-top shape. Still people keep on throwing away things.

Are we just lazy? Or don’t we care? Do we have so much material things that they have totally lost their value?