A day for the loved and lost


This is Elsa, our beloved baby kitten, who will move in with us in the near future. She is adorable, playful, happy, and loves cuddling. She hasn’t been around long in this life and because of geographical distance I haven’t been able to see her that much yet, but I still love her.

As most of my friends and family know, I also have a deep love for all life. I love and care for all animals. I cry for them, I pray for them, and I fight for them. The last time I ate meat was more than 11 years ago, and in a few weeks I have been vegan for 7 years. 7 beautiful years of living my truth, expressing my compassion and love for life every single day. 7 years of doing my best to not hurt anyone, human or non-human alike.

Today is World Animal Day, and I want this day to be a celebration, a tribute, to all animals loved and lost, as well as to those animals who never got to feel even the tiniest bit of love from anyone during their short lives, before they ended up on our plates, on our bodies or as part of our furniture. I want this day to be a happy day for our furry family members, like little Elsa, but I also want this day to be a remembrance of all those who have suffered to satisfy our selfish desires.

I want this to be a day of love for every non-human out there.


3 thoughts on “A day for the loved and lost

  1. Glad someone remembered World Animal Day!! Gorgeous kitten, I’m sure she will be so happy!! I too am thinking about all those animals out there suffering right now, it’s so wrong and some of us realize that and do care and are trying to wake people up!!

  2. Mikaela says:

    Av ren nyfikenhet, hur gör du med Elsas mat då hon är köttätare?:) ekologiskt, närproducerat, vilt? Eller äter hon ändå “vanlig” kattmat?

    • För tillfället bor hon ännu hos mamma så då får hon “vanlig” kattmat eftersom mamma sköter det. När hon flyttar till oss är jag inte ännu helt säker på hur vi ska göra. Hon behöver ju kött, så jag försöker väga olika alternativ och se vad som skulle vara bäst ur etisk synvinkel. Ekologiskt är en möjlighet.

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