Kippo, Helsinki

One of the shopping centers in the center of Helsinki has this cute vegetarian café called Kippo. I’ve read some things about it, I’ve passed it tons of times, but it’s not before recently that I’ve been there actually trying out what they have to offer.

They serve sandwiches, juices, smoothies, coffee, tea and frozen yoghurt. All can be gotten either vegan or lacto-vegetarian, sandwiches for example can be gotten with either tofu or mozzarella, and smoothies/coffees with soy, almond or cow’s milk. They also sell some organic fruits.


Together with R we have been there for lunch twice, and tried four of their sandwiches and four of their juices (they have a meal offer including a sandwich and juice of your choice for 9,80 euros). It might be that it takes some time getting used to their kind of food, the first sandwich I tried had apple in it which was a bit weird for me, and some of the juices have interesting new blends. But it’s refreshing! Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to try out their soy-based frozen yoghurt yet, but I for sure will one of these days.

Where? 3rd floor of Forum in the center of Helsinki
When? Open Mon-Fri 10:30am- 8pm, Sat 11am- 6pm, Sun 12noon- 6pm


A visit to Copenhagen: Woodah Hostel

We recently came back from a five-day trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. It was one of our best trips so far, we had time to see a lot of things, we met great people and we were (mostly) lucky with the weather. There’s a lot to say about the trip, so I will divide it into a few separate posts.

We stayed in Woodah Hostel, a small hostel with two dorm rooms and one double room, as well as a vegetarian café. It’s located at Abel Cathrinesgade 1-3 (Vesterbro), a few blocks away from the Copenhagen central station. We stayed in the 8 bed dorm which cost 33 € per bed, per night. The price includes bed linens, a locker with padlock and a vegetarian breakfast. They also have a donation based yoga class most mornings, if enough people have signed up the night before.

woodah hostel

We simply loved the place. Even though it is located in Copenhagen’s red light district, we never felt unsafe there. It’s simple and cozy and the atmosphere is great. The staff is very nice and easy to talk to, the breakfast is mostly vegan and we met some great people there. It was not hard to feel at home. Since you sleep in a dorm room and people come and go at different hours, the sleep will of course not be great if you are a light sleeper like me, but the bunk beds were built in a way that you could have privacy while sleeping (see picture below). If I would mention something negative about the hostel it would be the fact that it doesn’t have a kitchen for the guests, so you can’t save money during a longer stay by cooking your own food, but for us this was not really a problem.

woodah hostel

I definitely recommend this place if you are going to Copenhagen!

Café Veganissimo, Helsinki

Yesterday we visited the vegan restaurant Café Veganissimo here in Helsinki. It is located at Kulmavuorenkatu 2 and is the only fully vegan restaurant in Helsinki (that I know of at least – please tell me if I’m wrong!).

The restaurant only serves lunch, in weekdays you can choose between a soup lunch that includes salad, or a buffet lunch with warm food, salad and soup. Both choices include coffee or tea and bread made at the restaurant. On Saturdays they serve a buffet brunch or other themed buffet.

Since it was Saturday we came there for the brunch buffet which costs 15 euros. What it consisted of can be seen in the pictures below (even though the quality of the pictures is not the best). Apart from what you can see in the pictures there were also cereals, a smoothie, coffee and tea.

Vegan buffet at Café Veganissimo Vegan buffet at Café Veganissimo

I enjoyed going out to eat and not having to ask if dishes are vegan, that I could just eat anything I liked in the buffet. The food itself was fine, it was nothing amazing and part of it had already gotten cold, but I was full and satisfied when we left. I especially liked the rice with black beans, the potato salad and the Karelian pasty (even though it would have been better served warm and not cold like this one) as well as the pancakes that we had for dessert.

The guy working in the restaurant was nice, he went around and talked to the people and asked if the food was alright. We had a chat with him about if they make cakes, since we saw boxes for cakes on their counter, and it turns out they do cater different types of cakes. As I understood by their website you can also book the restaurant for private parties outside lunch hours.

I also liked the relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant, I felt like you can just come as you are and you don’t either have to hurry. People were sitting and talking and the restaurant even had board games that you could play if you wanted.

I will probably go back sometimes – not because the food was great, but because the place is all vegan and it feels so much better to eat in such a place than a place that serves dairy and eggs – or even meat. Reading through their menu from this past week on their website I also got the feeling that maybe we went there on the wrong day, since a lot of the dishes mentioned on other days seemed more interesting than what we had – so it’s probably worth another visit also just to try what else they have to offer.

And then there were two

Not long ago I wrote about Vaasa’s first vegetarian restaurant in a long time, Vegana, that opened in the end of July. Yesterday (August 14) the second vegetarian restaurant/café in town, Raawka, opened it’s doors. This is how the women who own the café present their place on their facebook-page:

“Raawka is an organic cafe that specializes in raw food, vegetarian and vegan food. We serve breakfast and lunch. We also offer smoothies, coffee, tea and pastries in a comfortable environment.
All our products are organic, gluten and sugar-free.
Our vision is to promote environmental awareness and healthy choices for a better future.”

The café is located in Palosaari, on Palosaarentie 23-25, and they are open Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm, as well as Saturday 11 am to 2 pm. I don’t know what price range the food is in, and I don’t know much more about the menu than what is mentioned above. However, they post their daily lunch options on their facebook page, and so far it has seemed quite yummy.

I am so happy that Vaasa is finally getting some vegetarian food places, because there has not exactly been any good options around here for vegans that want to eat out, or non-vegans or vegetarians that just want something different from the typical Asian or western food for that matter. Some people seem to think this change towards more vegetarian food is just a fad, a kind of “green food wave”, but I believe, and I hope, that it’s more than that. I believe people are finally opening their eyes towards the harm a diet saturated by animal products does to us, to the environment and to the animals, and want to change their habits at least a little bit.