Cuteness overload

One of the pigs at Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary recently gave birth to eight adorable little miracles. The pictures and videos of these little piglets on the Happily Ever Esther Facebook-page just makes me smile;

Happily Ever Esther piglets

Picture borrowed from the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary Facebook-page

These piglets could have been born into such a different life. They could have been born to a life as products, as pieces on our plates once they had grown large enough. Instead they were born into freedom, into a life where they will be seen for the individuals that they are, into a life that gives them what they deserve.

It’s places like these sanctuaries that recreates my hope in humanity, my hope in the future. My hope that one day we will truly understand. That one day we will get there.


Esther the Wonder Pig

I’m quite sure that no one of you has missed Esther the Wonder Pig, the micro-pig who turned out to not be so small after all, and who changed the lives of the two guys who took her in. But if you haven’t heard of Esther, this post is for you!

As I said, Esther was thought to be a micro-pig at the time Derek and Steve took her in, but she kept on growing and is now a 400 pound lady. The guys still decided to keep her in their lives – and in their home – and she changed their perceptions of pigs. They started a website and a Facebook-page about Esther, and a lot of people around the world are now following her everyday life. I’m sure she has changed a lot of people by just being herself and showing that pigs are not food.

Picture from Esther’s Facebook-page

Big things are getting built around Esther and what was started through her. Esther’s Kitchen, full of vegan recipes, has recently launched, and the amazing couple who cares for Esther are now starting up a sanctuary to save other animals. I’m amazed not only by Esther – she is probably not more extraordinary than any other pig out there, she just got very lucky – but also by Derek and Steve. They have created something big amazing out of what happened, when they could have just done what most other people probably would have done if they realized their micro-pig wasn’t so small after all – get rid of her. Instead of doing that, they have created a movement that uses positivity and humor to tell people about the horrors of factory farming – and its alternative: vegan food and happy animals. It’s very inspiring and I wish them and Esther all the best.

If you want to know more about Esther and what’s going on around her – please check out her Facebook-page and her website. Maybe you will be as inspired as me!